About Angela

Hi! I’m Angela and it’s great to meet you! Let’s sit and chat so I can tell you a bit about myself. My goal for sharing these details is to help you gain a sense of my interest in discussing piano lessons.


Let’s start with the basics!

Angela at piano

I have played piano for over 25 years and the flute for almost 20 years. It was my privilege to start learning piano at a young age. This solid foundation allowed me to expand my training for many years. After completing beginner method books I started into the Royal Conservatory of Music system. By the time I graduated from high school I had completed the requirements for several exams including:

  • Piano Level 9 Certificate
  • Flute Level 8 Certificate
  • Harmony Level 9 Certificate
  • History Level 9 Certificate.


My Training Experiences

During my formative years I had many opportunities to use what I learned. For as long as I can remember the local music festival was an annual part of my music training. Every time I competed I placed in my specific class and several times won first place. My personal success in the music festival included:

  • performing at the highlights night for the festival
  • competing for the highest award at the senior level (two times)
  • receiving the “Sacred” trophy for piano (three times)
  • earning the “Best Overall Senior Instrumentalist” scholarship for flute (twice).

From grades 8-12 I attended a Christian School convention where I played piano and flute each year. There we competed against a standard rather than against each other. This was a time to play in front of my peers and become more comfortable with being evaluated. I also played both piano and flute at my church on a regular basis.


Starting to Teach Piano

My private piano teaching career started over fifteen years ago during high school. Along with practicing for my own private lessons I usually had 1-2 students as a part-time job. This was a fantastic experience for me as it helped to solidify my own skills as a pianist! Often when you have to explain to someone else exactly how to do something it becomes more clear to you too! My passion is to motivate students to play piano with excellence!

During my years in university I was able to continue teaching one or two students during breaks. This gave me an excellent opportunity to see them progress over the years. Some of my students have competed in the local music festival and placed well. They have even played at highlights night, competed for the highest level award, and received awards! My students have also completed exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music and scored well.


Performance Opportunities

My flute skills have allowed me to perform with various ensembles and orchestras such as:

These performances have been a special treat!

Playing in the FBC Orchestra for Christmas Cantata.


What I’m Doing Now

In 2012, I quit my full-time job to pursue teaching private piano students as a career. I love my students and enjoy the fact that every lesson is unique. The longer I teach, the more I enjoy a variety of levels and pieces each week!

Now that you know about me, I’d like to hear about you! You can drop me a line at anytime! It would be great to hear from you!