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Choosing a music teacher for piano lessons for beginners 2
If you want piano lessons for beginners, you must consider several factors in order to make the best choice. When you search on Google you will find over 3 million results! How in the world do you know what is best?!? Let’s talk about it together! All About You First, […]

Piano Lessons for Beginners: Choosing a Music Teacher

Thanksgiving and music 8
It’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada. What does that look like for me? Well, Monday will be a day with no piano lessons. The weekend will be spent with family. Extended family who I don’t see as often will gather together. This year I’ll have the privilege of being with […]

5 Reasons I Am Thankful for Music

Joyfulnotes Piano Lessons Blog
You have found the Joyfulnotes Blog! Today I will explain the purpose of this blog and the entire website. I hope you enjoy this first post and share my site with others! Let’s get started! The Purpose of Joyfulnotes Website The purpose of Joyfulnotes website is to share the joy […]

Joyfulnotes Piano Lessons Blog