The Purpose of Joyfulnotes Piano for Beginners

Joyfulnotes Piano for Beginners exists to help you teach kids to know God using the tool of music! Yes, it’s a play on words, (pun intended!). “Joy” is a part of my name and we use notes when learning to read music. Joyfulnotes indicates how fun and happy our beginner piano books look. Lastly, as a child learns to know God, he or she will become more joyful!


As a parent, you are juggling various aspects of life. You’re trying to make the most out of every minute with your young child. You are responsible for his progress in every area of life. Most importantly, you want to teach this precious person how she can know God personally! I want to help you use beginner piano lessons to support what you’re teaching your child.

I would count it a privilege to be allowed to influence your child’s life! For as long as I can remember I have loved teaching kids. It’s thrilling to see the “light go on” as they learn a concept or master a skill! In my experience, most children are capable of learning basic musical concepts. The challenge is figuring out how to teach these ideas so they can grasp them.

The Story of How Joyfulnotes Started

Joyfulnotes started as my private flute and piano studio name. One year I had several 4-6 year-olds starting and an older student with special learning needs. Until that point I had used various methods of teaching young children. However, I wasn’t fully satisfied with any of these methods. So I set out to create a simpler way to teach these students.

Lolly the Lorikeet
Lolly the Lorikeet

That year I started using colour-coded lines to represent notes and rhythms. I used the coloured lines to create “music” for songs the students would know. They were so excited to be able to play their favourite songs right away! My special needs student found that playing piano wasn’t as hard as he thought! This discovery boosted his confidence and motivated him to keep learning. At that point I taught students from another method book and designed printouts that students could play for fun. After these students no longer needed the colours I quit creating more music.

An Unexpected Change of Course

For a few years I didn’t have any new younger students. I kept the concepts in my mind but didn’t have time to develop them further. Then some chronic health issues started affecting my everyday life. This limited the number of students I could teach and forced me to consider finding a flexible, long-term income source. That’s when I started considering options for starting an online business. I missed instructing students and wanted a way to touch the lives of others. The idea resurfaced of writing my own colour-coded piano book!

Peggy Piano
Peggy Piano

Though my life doesn’t look like my plan, God used these changes to place me where He wanted! Over time, the idea for one book turned into a series of books. Then I developed future plans for background CDs for the books. Bigger dreams formed such as creating an online video course based on the books. As adults saw the completed books they wanted to learn to play piano too. A basic adult method is another option in the future too! One of my passions is sharing these resources with missionaries around the world to make it easier for their kids to learn piano!

Let’s Be Partners!

I would like to partner with you in teaching your child about God using music! Lolly the Lorikeet and Peggy Piano have joined me to give you the needed resources to make piano lessons fun and exciting for your student! Join us on our journey of getting to know God together! Contact me to find out how I can introduce your child to music!