The Purpose of Joyfulnotes

Joyfulnotes provides tips and resources to help you enjoy piano lessons! We want you to succeed whether you are a parent, student or teacher. No one wants to waste limited resources of time, energy and money. Failing to reach the goal of your music lessons is no exception!


Walk into the “Room” of Joyfulnotes Piano Lessons!

You have entered a large room decked out with bright colours. The sign on the door said, “Joyfulnotes”. You notice that it is homey but organized into small areas. In addition, each of the four corners has 2-3 comfy chairs.

Next you smell the yummy cookies, lemonade and tea sitting on the coffee table between the chairs. Now you must choose which corner you will visit! You see they are labeled:

In the middle of the room you find several resources that will be useful to everyone. These resources include pianos, music books, and sheet music.

Once you choose which corner to visit, I’ll meet you there. We can chat for as long as you want until I’ve answered all of your questions! If you like “Joyfulnotes”, please share this website with others!




Piano Parents

Do you have a young child who loves music? Would you like to know how to foster his passion?

Or perhaps you have children who beg to learn how to play piano. Maybe you’re looking for needed resources since your kids already take lessons.

Whatever your needs are, I’ll meet you in the Parents’ Corner to talk. I’d be glad to share some tips with you that I’ve learned from working with parents!


Piano Teachers

You just had another one of “those” days. You know, the one where every student has a novel excuse for not practicing. Or why she didn’t practice how you told her to last week. Sigh . . .

Whether you’re starting your career or you’ve taught private piano for several years, you want to improve. You keep your ears tuned to find fresh ideas for your students, (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!).

Perhaps you have experience with the “typical” students who fit your teaching plans. However you need some help to teach young children or those with special needs. How do you handle these unique subgroups of students?

Come meet me in the Teacher’s Corner so we can look at these topics! We can also share our ideas with each other and become better teachers!


Piano Students (Kids)

Are you taking piano lessons? Do you like learning to play the piano? We’re going to have fun learning about:

  • How to sit at the piano
  • Which fingers to use
  • Music symbols
  • How to “take your teacher home with you” — every week!

Come over to the Younger Students’ Corner! I want to show you how exciting it is to learn how to play the piano!


Piano Students (Teens and Adults)

Maybe you have longed to learn to play the piano but you never took music lessons. Or perhaps after playing piano for several years you have progressed to higher levels. Either way, join me in the Older Students’ Corner to discuss your next step! You can also find out about taking online hymnplaying lessons with me as well!


Let’s Talk!

Whichever group you fit into, don’t hesitate to contact me! One-sided chats annoy me . . . and I’m guessing they annoy you too. That’s what it will be like if you read my website but don’t contact me. I’ll feel like I’m talking to the wall . . . and you won’t get the specific help that you need!

If you like my website let me know so I will keep writing! Email me here!