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You have found the Joyfulnotes Blog! Today I will explain the purpose of this blog and the entire website. I hope you enjoy this first post and share my site with others! Let’s get started!


The Purpose of Joyfulnotes Website

The purpose of Joyfulnotes website is to share the joy of piano lessons with others! My goal is to help parents, teachers and students enjoy their piano lessons more!

Joyfulnotes Piano Lessons Blog

Next, I want to make your lessons more efficient. Then I would like to help parents, teachers and students all work on the same page. Learning piano is more enjoyable if all three have the same goals!


Who Would Want to Read This Site?

Everyone who has any connection to piano lessons! However, I want to target four main groups of people:

  • Parents of Piano Students

    Parents are just as vital to the task of learning as the teachers and the students. I want to help you be the best support to your students you can! Since I am not trying to recruit you to my studio I can offer you an unbiased opinion for decisions you need to make.

  • Piano Teachers

    Teachers guide the learning process and have a huge impact on their students! My hope is that this website will help you be as effective as possible. I want to give you resources that your students will love!

  • Piano Students (Kids)

    Kids are the ones who actually have to do the learning! I want to help you learn as much as you can from your teacher. You will never regret the time you spent learning to play piano!

  • Piano Students (Teens and Adults)

    As teens and adults you must assume responsibility for learning. Your teacher is there to guide you but it is your job to learn, not theirs. Let me help you make that process simple!


Joyfulnotes Will Provide Piano Lessons Support Worldwide

Currently I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. However, I want to help people all over the world! My website is not an attempt to gain local students. Rather it is here to support those involved in piano lessons anywhere!


My Plan for this Blog

So far I have created four sections of my website outlining what topics each area will cover. My goal over the next several months is to create posts for each of these topics. I will publish them to my blog so you can receive them as updates. Then I will also link to them from the main page for that section.


Future Plans for Joyfulnotes

By the end of the year I hope to add at least 25 pages of specific content to my website. As you interact with me I will gain a sense of what topics to pursue after that!

Over the next year I plan to write a piano method book that I hope to publish in 2018! This is a system that I have used with great success in the past. It will teach basic piano concepts to young children as well as special needs students! I am excited to share this idea with you and hope you will consider using it!

I am also considering writing a simple e-course or e-book for parents and students. It would have a title something like, “How to Flunk Beginning Piano Lessons: And How NOT To”. Let me know your thoughts on whether this would interest you!


I Need Your Help to Succeed!

In order for me to succeed I need your help! Why? Well, because if you don’t read what I write, I have wasted my time!

Also, the more people who read what I write, the better! So share my posts with others! Like them! Comment on them! Since my website isn’t a local business, you can share it with anyone so word will spread quickly!


Stay Tuned to My Blog!

Follow me on Facebook, G+, Twitter, or LinkedIn so you can receive all the latest updates! Thanks for visiting today! Let me know if you enjoyed browsing my site so I will keep writing!

About Angela

Angela is a private piano teacher who wants to teach others about God through music. She has experience as both a piano student and a piano teacher. She has also worked with the parents of her students for several years. Angela enjoys teaching young children as well as those with special needs. She wants to use the tool of piano lessons to teach others to know God personally! Visit to find out more about her!

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