Missionary Kids and Piano Lessons: The Solutions (Part 3 of 3)

In the past two posts we considered the challenges and benefits of piano lessons for missionary kids. Now we need to find some solutions! Currently, I’m creating several simple solutions especially with missionary kids in mind! Here are three options I’ve tailored to help you . . .

Three Solutions for Piano Lessons for MK’s

Sophie, an MK from Japan
Sophie, an MK from Japan

1. Teach your students using the Joyfulnotes Piano Books for Beginners

My piano books teach 4-8 year-olds basic musical skills using an intuitive, colour-coded method! Each simple piano book has a Teacher’s Guide available for a fraction of the cost of one private lesson. The Level 1A student books come with a coloured template which fits over the piano keys while students learn to play.

2. Find an online teacher

If you don’t wish to teach your students yourself, I also offer private lessons online via video calls. If you have the technology to make video calls, your child can attend lessons from anywhere in the world! I have some spaces open for online students and enjoy the flexibility of this avenue of teaching! I’m able to offer discount prices for a few MK’s, (especially for siblings), so contact me to find out more.

3. Try an online video course

Joyfulnotes is a ministry with a vision–just like you have a vision for your mission field! In the future I plan to create a video course teaching the material in my piano books. The online course is a very economic option since the monthly access fee is much less than private lessons. I also hope to offer a monthly evaluation service. Once a month you could send me a short video of your child playing. Then I would evaluate if they are learning correctly and provide tips on how they can improve!

Why Should You Choose Joyfulnotes to Assist Your MK’s

John, a church planter's son in Ontario, Canada
John, a church planter’s son in Ontario, Canada

1. We Teach Them About God

First and foremost, Joyfulnotes Piano Books for Beginners is a faith-integrated piano method. These books use music as a tool to reinforce what you are already teaching in your home. They also help your kids apply what they know about God to their daily lives. Plus, learning songs is an easy way to remember truths about God!

2. We Provide Consistency

Weekly piano lessons create a sense of consistency for your students, whether I’m teaching them or you are. Whether they’re in their passport country or host country, their teacher remains the same. This provides a sense of security for kids to have a consistent part of their lives even when they change locations. Of course Lolly the Lorikeet and Peggy Piano are always there looking bright and cheery each time kids practise!

3. We Help Them Build a Long-Term Relationship with a Caring Adult

In both my books and live lessons, I try to communicate to students that I care about them. The main reason I include my photo on the back of the books is so kids can picture who is talking to them. This way if they ever meet me, they already have a sense of “knowing” me!

Mila, an MK from The Northwest Territories, Canada
Mila, an MK from
The Northwest Territories, Canada

4. We Give Mk’s a Systematic Education in Music

If your students start with my books/online course, they may want to continue after completing the five levels. If so, they can then transition to private lessons with me. The benefit would be having the same teacher for many years in a row. Also, I can build on their foundation knowing what they have already learned. They will know what to expect from me and won’t have to spend time being nervous about starting over with a new teacher. Again. For the 5th time.

Let me help!

If any of these ideas resonate with you, please contact me to discuss them! I will help you find the solution that best fits you, your family and your situation. Together we will share the goal of helping your MK learn to play piano for God’s glory!

About Angela

Angela is a private piano teacher who wants to teach others about God through music. She has experience as both a piano student and a piano teacher. She has also worked with the parents of her students for several years. Angela enjoys teaching young children as well as those with special needs. She wants to use the tool of piano lessons to teach others to know God personally! Visit https://joyfulnotes.ca/about-angela/ to find out more about her!

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