Hey, kids! I’m so glad you came to visit me today! We’re going to have fun talking about how to learn piano! This page will tell you how I can help you. When you see coloured text, just click it to find out more! Now let’s go learn piano!

Kids learn piano


The Piano Keyboard Layout

Do you know your notes on the piano yet? If not, come learn them with me! It will be fun to surprise your teacher at your next lesson! She won’t believe that you know them all!


Learn Piano Fingering

Does it matter what fingers you use to play notes on the piano? Don’t the notes sound the same anyway? We will talk about using the correct fingers to play piano.


Consider Piano Posture

Parents and teachers tell you to sit up straight! You hear this at school, at home, and now at piano lesson! Is there a right way to sit at the piano? Let’s find out!


Discover Piano Symbols

You must know what the symbols in your music mean. If you don’t, they won’t help you play the music! Have you learned them as you moved through your books? We need to keep reviewing piano symbols. We can use them as road signs and our music as a map!


Learn Piano Terms

Learning piano terms can confuse you. After all, they are often in another language! We will find ways to remember what these terms mean. You need to remember them if you want to play harder piano music!


After Piano Lesson

What do you do after your piano lesson? How you practice can make your next lesson go better! I will share tips and ideas for helping you learn. You can become a student who your teacher enjoys teaching!


Piano Jokes

I’d like to compile some music jokes that you would enjoy! If you know of some, please send them to me! I will also post some funny pictures or cartoons too! All jokes must be clean and free from bad words. All items must not have a copyright or I cannot post them. (It is my right to choose what to post without giving reasons. I may not post every item I receive.)


A Piano Club?

How would you like to have a Kids Piano Club? I’m thinking about starting one. Send me your thoughts about this idea! What would you like in a piano club? I might include games, fun songs to learn and practice contests. Ask your parents to let me know what they think too!