So How Much Are Piano Lessons Anyway?

You want what is best for your child. You also wish to give him the chance to learn all he can during his childhood. However you work hard and it still seems like you have limited funds! One common question folks ask is, “how much are piano lessons?”

How much are piano lessons?


So How Much Are Piano Lessons?

There are many variables that affect the cost of piano lessons! You need to think about these factors when deciding if and when to enroll your student. There are three main costs for taking piano lessons:

Our main concern in this post is the lessons portion of these expenses. Next, we’ll talk about what factors affect the cost of lessons.


1. A Teacher’s Experience

You can expect a teacher’s rate to increase based on her experience. Like any professional, as a teacher gains more experience she usually becomes more skilled as a teacher. Of course a teacher’s 20-30 year career does not always mean she is the best choice.

Often a less experienced teacher desires to study and ask questions to improve his teaching. He may also search for new, creative ways to explain concepts since he doesn’t have a favourite way yet.

For a beginning level student you can often choose a teacher who has less experience. She may be trying to gain a few students while still taking lessons herself. In this case you will likely pay $5-15 less per lesson than if you choose a more experienced teacher.

However, you will need to have a qualified teacher for higher levels. This may be more expensive but it is worth having your student trained correctly.

Here’s one more thought to consider. A less experienced teacher may be able to teach beginner lessons . . . but do you intend for your student to continue with lessons to a higher level? If so, he would have to change teachers partway through his training.

Sometimes it’s good to have influence from more than one teacher. However a proficient teacher often must “reteach” what a student learned incorrectly. You do not want a relearning process to confuse or frustrate your child. It is best to make sure he receives a proper foundation from the start.


2. A Teacher’s Training

Many of the same principles apply to a teacher’s level of training. One may be highly trained in piano pedagogy (the study of teaching piano). Another teacher has learned to play the piano but has no training in teaching.

Again you will need to take into account your goal for lessons. This will help you decide how important a more qualified teacher is to you. Then you can balance your budget and goals to make your choice.


3. Teacher’s Location

Your teacher’s location will affect her rate. Are there other teachers in the area to provide competition? If so, it might be easier to find a teacher with a cheaper rate. If not, you may not have much choice unless you’re willing to drive further. Of course traveling has its own cost involved.

It might be easier to find a teacher for the higher levels in a nearby city. Most teachers who are serious about teaching on the advanced level will live in an area with more students. Prepare to pay extra though as these teachers will be in high demand.


4. Home or Studio Lessons

Another choice to make is whether you want to take lessons at a teacher’s home or at a music studio/store. Many home teachers are a bit cheaper since they don’t have the expenses that a store does. The teacher is also earning the entire amount you pay. Their rate may be lower since it is not split between the teacher and the employer.

However you should consider the convenience of a music studio. This is true if you have 2-3 students in a family who take more than one instrument. It may be easier to have all their lessons within a 1-2 hour time frame. Rather than driving to different locations you can plan all their lessons at the same time/place with various teachers.


So What Should You Expect to Pay for Piano Lessons?

Obviously prices can really vary based on your country and area. In Canada and the USA, most teachers I know have rates of $15-30 per half hour lesson. Some beginning teachers may give you a cheaper rate. Others who have advanced degrees and more experience might cost more.

Overall, you can assume that you would spend $500-1200 per year on lessons when starting. My lessons are $20 per half hour lesson. If a student has 35 lessons over the year that works out to $700.


You will need to research the teachers in your area and compare them to find who best meets your needs and budget. This question about cost is only one of many when contacting a prospective teacher. If you need any help determining if a teacher’s rates are appropriate, email me! I’ll do my best to help you make the most out of the money you spend.



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Angela is a private piano teacher who wants to teach others about God through music. She has experience as both a piano student and a piano teacher. She has also worked with the parents of her students for several years. Angela enjoys teaching young children as well as those with special needs. She wants to use the tool of piano lessons to teach others to know God personally! Visit to find out more about her!

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