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It’s Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada.

What does that look like for me? Well, Monday will be a day with no piano lessons. The weekend will be spent with family. Extended family who I don’t see as often will gather together. This year I’ll have the privilege of being with nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins!

This weekend I will also spend time with my church family. We will gather together and express our appreciation for each other. We will also spend some time singing praises to God and counting the many blessings He has given us!

Thanksgiving and music

Something to Ponder

Gathering with some of the people most important to me is wonderful! Each Thanksgiving I also try to take some time to ponder some things I am thankful for. This year I’m focusing my list around one topic: music.


Grateful for Music?

Yup. It may not be the first thing you think of when someone asks you to write a list of blessings. However most of us will admit we are grateful for music for varying reasons. I’m going to list some of mine below! (in no particular order)


  • Music refreshes me!

    • Music can refresh me in a way that nothing else does! Currently I am listening to some Chopin Nocturnes while writing. Their relaxing sound helps me to think clearly even after a busy day. However they contain enough excitement to keep me from falling asleep!


  • Music provides my income.

    • If it were not for music, I would not have a job! We have the ability to play musical instruments and sing. However this is a skill that most of us need teachers to help us acquire. I get to spend time helping others increase their musical abilities and I love it!


  • Music gives me a means to worship God.

    • While I can praise God with my words, nothing compares to creating music that honors Him! I enjoy playing for my own enjoyment. It thrills me to bring pleasure to others through my music. However the highest privilege is to make music for God Himself!


  • Music sets the mood for various activities.

    • Can you imagine the Christmas season without any music? What about watching a cartoon with no music in the background? It just wouldn’t have the same effect! There’s happy music and sad music. You can choose fun, exciting music or quiet, relaxing music. When I’m cleaning I like to listen to fast concert wind band recordings or a bluegrass fiddling CD!


  • Music allows me to impact children and teens by teaching them life lessons.

    • Almost every day I get to interact with young people while teaching them music. My job is to teach them to play the piano and flute. However I also try to instill life lessons in them at the same time. Discipline. Setting goals. Consistency. Social skills. These and many other character traits can be taught through learning music.


What About You?

Is music on your list of blessings? If so, share some of your reasons below! Even if it isn’t a Thanksgiving holiday in your country it’s always good to show gratitude. I’d love to hear your thoughts here or by email!

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About Angela

Angela is a private piano teacher who wants to teach others about God through music. She has experience as both a piano student and a piano teacher. She has also worked with the parents of her students for several years. Angela enjoys teaching young children as well as those with special needs. She wants to use the tool of piano lessons to teach others to know God personally! Visit https://joyfulnotes.ca/about-angela/ to find out more about her!

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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Am Thankful for Music


    MY MESSAGE I LEFT AT LINKEDIN! Angela A. thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I live in Ocala, Florida now but born in Toronto. I still have fond memories of my Mom’s incredible stuffing and of course still have family celebrating Monday. I too wish you and all Canadians a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Have fun, be well.

    • Angela Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Howard! It’s great to connect with Canadians who live in other areas. I’m sure you miss having today off work but am glad you still remember our Canadian holiday!

    • Angela Post author

      Yes, it’s interesting how many people have heard of Tillsonburg because of that song! It’s a beautiful area to live and teach music. Thanks for signing up to receive my updates. I look forward to future interaction with you here on my site! Great FB username!

  • Carolyn Walsh

    I’m not Canadian, but Irish and since I play Irish folk, I am grateful for music because it connects me with my forefathers and my culture. Also- it keeps me grounded. Music is also a means of communication and since I am also a busker, one of the most honest forms of communication: it’s a way I can communicate things I could not say with words and if I do it well goes straight into other people’s hearts :-)…

    • Angela Post author

      Carolyn, thanks for your comment! I agree that music is a form of communication and makes people feel certain ways. I hope you will continue to follow and read my blog!

  • Rob

    Many of us cannot imagine our lives without music in it.
    I have often felt “Music isn’t what I do. It’s who I am.”
    Music touches parts within us that nothing else does or can.
    Further, there is a musical DNA in our biology.
    What greater pleasure can there be than seeing a student moved and touched by the music they are studying or playing?

    • Angela Post author

      Rob, thanks for your reading and commenting on this post! I agree that I cannot fathom what life would be like without music. I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy my posts!