Special Needs Students: They Can Learn Piano Too!

Most special needs students enjoy learning the piano! They may be timid and resistant to change at first. However piano lessons can become an enjoyable part of their daily and weekly routine! Students enjoy knowing what to expect during lessons. If they trust their teacher, they will look forward to their time together!

Method for Teaching Special Needs Students to Play the Piano

Angela - piano keyboard crAngela has successfully taught special needs students to play the piano, including autism and executive function disorder. She uses an original approach to introduce the student to the piano. This method allows them to learn without overwhelming them with too many new musical concepts at once.

She enjoys the challenge of making music accessible to different learning styles. Then she finds it rewarding to see students acquire new confidence in their skills. With the cooperation and support of parents, most students can learn music if given the proper instruction and encouragement!


From the Parent of a Special Needs Student

“Deciding to give your special needs child the privilege of learning piano is the right decision. Although these kids have learning difficulties they are very able to learn music! Our special needs child started taking piano lessons with Angela two years ago. He has really surprised all of us! He now reads music, plays with both hands and keeps progressing every year. Learning to play a musical instrument helps him with many important life skills and greatly boosts his self-esteem too!”

~ Proud parent of special needs student