Piano Teachers

Thanks for dropping by to see me in the Piano Teachers’ Corner! I hope you will visit again so we can get to know each other! My purpose in this page is to introduce the topics we will discuss.


How Do Piano Teachers Start Teaching?

Piano teachers and students

Do you want to become a piano teacher? Perhaps you wonder if there are piano teachers who teach piano teachers! You might find a local piano teacher who would let you observe lessons. She may even give you feedback if you pay her to attend some of your lessons!

We will look at a few ideas for joining the ranks of piano teachers. If you wish to teach piano, this is a great place to start!


Teaching Beginner Piano

Teaching beginner piano is different from the later lessons. You must realize that this student may have little exposure to music. The numerous concepts to grasp can overwhelm a new student. Helping them master one idea at a time overcomes this issue.


Teaching Kids Piano

Teaching kids to play the piano is an exciting adventure! Most kids will want to learn although a few will drag their heels. You need to keep things moving so they don’t lose interest. However you don’t want to deprive them of a good foundation by rushing. Don’t assume you have failed if students don’t pass a set number of pages each week. Their speed of progress will depend on many factors. You need to adjust your style to every student to help him reach his full potential.


Teaching Piano to Young Children

Teaching young children to play the piano can take energy! However you will feel rewarded when you see them reach their goals! You will need to pace your expectations of young children. They will need to use a method book written on their level. This will give them the repetition they need to master skills. Young children often have a strong sense of rhythm. When instructed they can flourish and enjoy piano lessons! Though they progress at a slower rate, they receive a strong foundation.


Teaching Piano to Special Needs Students

Special needs students present a unique set of challenges for piano teachers. However, most special needs students can learn to play the piano! Many are even talented in music, especially in playing by ear. Again they need a method book tailored to help them learn these skills. They may differ in their learning styles so you will need to consider their specific needs. A special needs student is so pleased when he masters a piece!. This will boost his morale to press on when the music gets harder.


Teaching Piano Using the Royal Conservatory of Music

As teachers we would all like a way to gain . . .

  • feedback on our teaching from another musician.
  • unbiased evaluation of our students’ progress.
  • strong incentive for our students to practice!

I have found that the RCM Examinations system does all this and more! While no system is flawless I think teachers who have access to the RCM should learn about it. Having taken RCM exams as a student, I share from both a student’s and a teacher’s perspective.


Tips for Piano Teachers

Piano teachers are always looking for tips to improve their teaching methods! Here you will find some basic ideas to help you become a better teacher. I would like this page to include your input! Send me your top 5 tips for teaching piano so I can include various ideas. Email me here!