Piano Students: Learn to Play Piano as a Teen or Adult

If you are a teen or adult who wants to learn to play piano, you’re at the right place! You may be starting piano lessons for the first time or advancing prior training. Either way you want to get serious as an older piano student! You have limited time, energy and money at this stage of life. Knowing this, you must make the most of these lessons!

Learn to play piano as a teen or adult!


Starting Piano Lessons as a Teen

Seeking piano lessons for teens can be more challenging than for younger kids. Some beginning teachers prefer to teach children until they have more experience. We will discuss how to find a teacher who will meet your needs. Then we will chat about what you should expect as a student!


Learn How to Play Piano as an Adult

If you wish to take piano lessons as an adult you must consider these factors:

  • Finding a teacher
  • Scheduling lessons and practice time
  • Establishing goals

These are each important aspects to assess when committing to piano lessons. You must be aware of the pros and cons of taking lessons as an adult. Otherwise you may not succeed in your attempt.


How NOT to Learn Piano Technique

Why is piano technique important? Do you know how NOT to learn technique?!? You will need to master several types of technique as you learn to play piano. These include:

  • scales
  • triads (solid and broken)
  • 4-note chords (solid and broken)
  • arpeggios

Find out how to be most effective when learning your piano technique!


Intermediate Piano Lessons

As you continue lessons you will reach the intermediate level. By now you should have a solid grasp of reading notes and rhythm. You will expand your knowledge of piano symbols and terms. Now you will focus on learning to play a variety of styles. Then you will also improve your sight-reading skills. As you master more technique you will be able play harder pieces.


Advanced Piano Lessons

It takes several years to reach an advanced level. However it becomes rewarding as you move to advanced pieces! At this point you should be able to easily read most simple music. Then you will become more adept at reading medium level music too. Technique will become challenging as will theory lessons. You need to prioritize your music training to continue progressing.


Piano Questions

Do you have other questions about learning to play the piano? If you do, contact me! I am always happy to hear from you and will do my best to answer your question. Your questions may be the start of another page that can help someone else!